Mission Statement

The Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation works to retain, expand, create and recruit job opportunities for Morgan and Scott Counties.

Mission Driven Goals and Projects

In the ever evolving world of economic development, setting goals can often be like trying to hit a moving target. The dynamics change frequently, what we set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year can often be totally different at the end of the year. With this in mind we’ve done some in depth planning and the following are the goals and projects we hope to accomplish this year:

  • Partner with the FutureGen 2.0 leadership to help develop and encourage job creation opportunities for our region’s residents.
  • Conduct at least 24 retention/expansion visits to our existing businesses and industries. One of our top priorities is to keep our existing industries here and keep them growing!
  • Continue to work with our employers and our educators to transform our workforce into a more “Work Ready Region.” By utilizing the National Career Readiness Certification program, we can prove we have a skilled and educated workforce!
  • Continue to diligently market our available existing industrial buildings. Our goal is to fill at least one vacant building.
  • Partner with the Project on Global Opportunities Committee and the World Affairs Council to increase global trade opportunities for our regional businesses.
  • Encourage and support the development of a fiber optics network in Jacksonville and South Jacksonville.
  • Development of one “Shovel Ready” site. Ameren has clearly defined the elements of a shovel ready site which includes:
    • Property ownership. Demonstrate property control by outright ownership or options. Eliminate multiple ownership negotiation situations or property ownership confusion.
    • Critical infrastructure. Demonstrate infrastructure capability and proximity. Eliminate lengthy extensions or involved upgrades.
    • Property development. Demonstrate property is ready for development. Eliminate any questions with environmental, wetlands, archeological, floodplain, and geotechnical documentation. Preparedness makes a difference!
  • Respond to all viable leads for new business development in a timely and professional manner.
  • Host at least 3 site visits for prospective new business or industrial projects.
  • Successfully recruit at least one new project into our region.
  • Enhance and continue our partnership with the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Development Center and the local SCORE Chapter to encourage and help develop new business startups. Small business is the number one creator of new jobs.
  • Continue to support, encourage and help develop the implementation of the Morgan-Scott CEO Program. The first class will start in the fall of this year!
  • Continue to support and encourage educational facilities improvement. Doing nothing is not an option.
  • Continue to update and improve our website and other electronic media, which means keeping them current, relevant and comprehensive.
  • Publish and distribute a quarterly newsletter to our investors and allies. Our goal is to keep you informed and educated on what the JREDC is doing for the region’s benefit.