Editorial: City’s pride shines when people work hand in hand

city-pride-news-picPerhaps it’s human nature to be critical. Without being willing to look in the mirror and curse the reflected image, it’s impossible to improve.

The problem lies is becoming so fixated on those shortcomings that it becomes hard to recognize the positive things.

So let’s put aside those bumps and scars for a minute or two and pull back a little of the veneer of negativity to see what is there, Jacksonville.

First is an undercurrent of pride. The people who have been here for any length of time — whether the latest in a long generational line or the first of new generations to come — know there are reasons for that feeling. Small cities often live in the shadow of their larger counterparts, but Jacksonville manages to stand its own ground. Not many cities its size can boast two well-respected colleges, an orchestra and professional theater group or a thriving arts scene.

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