Economic Impact of Jacksonville Municipal Airport (IJX)

airport-economic-impactImpact Types

Direct Impacts account for activities by on-airport businesses and government agencies, and the off-airport visitor spending at locations such as hotels, restaurants. Direct impacts account for the initial point where money first starts circulating in the economy.

Multiplier Impacts result from the re-circulation of direct impacts within the economy. This re-spending of money can occur multiple times and takes two forms – indirect and induced. Indirect impacts occur when companies incur business expenses. Induced impacts occur when employees purchase goods and services.

Total Impacts are the combination of all direct and multiplier impacts.

Impact Measures

Employment measures the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs related to airport activity including visitor-supported and on-airport construction jobs. A part-time employee counts as half a full-time employee.

Payroll measures the total annual salary, wages and benefits paid to all workers whose livelihoods are directly attributable to airport activity.

Economic Output (Activity) measures the value of goods and services related to airports in Illinois. The output of on-airport businesses is typically assumed to the sum of annual gross sales and average annual capital expenditures.

Qualitative Benefits

  • Primary activities at the airport include recreational flying and flight training
  • Other common activities include corporate flights, utility inspections, law enforcement operations, military exercises, medical flights, aerial photography, and seasonal agricultural spraying.
  • The Airport Authority FBO provides services such as fueling, aircraft rental, and flight instruction.
  • Aircraft maintenance services are provided by Cole Aviation and Klem’s Aero Repair.
  • Firms and entities that regularly utilize the airport include Nestle, Cargill, Arends-Awe John Deere, Kroger, Monsanto, Pioneer, the Illinois State Police, and several charter companies.
  • Boy Scout Troop 103 uses the airport for its weekly meetings.
  • Events that take place at the airport regularly include;
    • Several fly-in and drive-in gatherings
    • EAA Young Eagles flights
    • Safety seminars
    • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Steak Fry Fundraiser
    • Chili Cook-off

On-Airport Impacts: 10 jobs – $838,800 output CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) Impacts: 2 jobs – $310,500 output Visitor Impacts: 6 jobs – $346,500 output Multiplier Impacts: 23 jobs – $1.9 million output

Total Impacts

Total Jobs 41
Total Payroll $888,900
Total Output $3.4 million