Local Access

The Jacksonville Region has the potential to be at the epicenter of Illinois distribution between Missouri and Indiana. Other major markets throughout the Midwest and rapidly growing South Central U.S. are within an eight hour drive. This places the Jacksonville Region within one-day’s drive of 50% of U.S. manufacturers. Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis are all well within 275 miles of Jacksonville.

Distance From Jacksonville, Illinois
Distance To:
St. Louis, MO
Indianapolis, IN
Chicago, IL
Kansas City, KS
Des Moines, IA
Milwaukee, WI
Louisville, KY
Cincinnati, OH
Memphis, TN
Nashville, TN
Minneapolis, MN
Omaha, NE
Tulsa, OK
Wichita, KS
From Jacksonville, IL:
90 miles
232 miles
235 miles
271 miles
276 miles
307 miles
317 miles
341 miles
368 miles
382 miles
505 miles
510 miles
524 miles
530 miles